MAT I or II: Catechesis 101: The Catechism of the Catholic Church: Catholic School of Pointe Coupee ONLY – Oct 27, Nov 1, 8, 13, 2022


This course introduces participants to the Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church and explains its importance, how it’s related to the Deposit of Faith, how to enter into its great depths and use it as an effective tool to deepen one’s own faith life as well as the faith lives of those we teach. It explains how the Catechism is centered on God and how it pulls from Sacred Scriptures to support its teachings. The purpose of this course is to form participants as catechists, that is, as those who are able to pass on the Catholic faith to others through teaching it.

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Course Start Date: October 27 (Online materials become available, begin work on Course Content)

Session 1: Tues. November 1, 3:30-5pm (Discuss first half of course materials)

Session 2: Tues. November 8, 3:30-5pm (Discuss second half of course materials)

Course End Date: November 13 (Concluding Exercises and all assignments due)

Instructor: Frances Moody

Location: Catholic School of Pointe Coupee

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