MAT I: Catholic Morality: Online – Mar. 1, 7, 14, 19, 2023


This course expands the ability to articulate a Catholic approach to moral decision making according the Church’s teaching. Participants will be formed on how to identify the criteria for determining whether a given action is moral or immoral, understand the relationship between personal moral decision making and the teaching authority of the Church, the process of moral development and how to make a moral decision covering a variety of current issues.


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Course Start Date: March 1 (Online materials become available, begin work on Course Content)

Webinar 1: Tues. Mar. 7  6pm-7:30pm (Discuss first half of course materials)

Webinar 2: Tues. Mar. 14  6pm-7:30pm (Discuss second half of course materials)

Course End Date: March 19 (Concluding Exercises and all assignments due)

Instructor: Olivia Gulino

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